¿Qué valor tienen mis sellos? Como efectuar el avalúo

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  1. Ivan Abich Perea says:

    Good morning, my name is Ivan and I have about 3000 associated stamps in collections. There are stamps from the US, Spain, Cuba, Australia and several other countries. I am addressing you with the intention of knowing the value of my stamps because I intend to sell them. I have photocopies of many of those stamps that I can send in case it is needed to be reviewed by someone interested in buying my stamps.
    with no more business to deal with and awaiting your response

    • I dont know where you are living but our country is not now the place more adecuate for selling an ammount of 3000 world wide stamps.Youy better try in your country. Sorry for not can help you. Best regards

  2. Darwing Jimenez says:

    Me gustaría poder valuar una coloración de estampillas de un familiar ya fallesido

    • Buenos días, si usted vive en Caracas puede acercarse a la sede Asofilca previa cita al 216 20 25 en horas de la tarde, aunque con estas limitaciones las secretaria no va todos los días. Tambien puede enviar mensajes a contact@asofilca.com y se le contestará la brevedad. Si no vemos sus estampillas no podemos hacer un avalúo. Podría enviar los escaneos de algunas páginas para darle una idea proximada si el material es de valor o no.
      Alberto Moratti

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