Falsificaciones de Venezuela (Apoteosis de Miranda) 1ra Parte

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  1. David Jay says:

    I wonder If I, as a non-specialist, might comment on this page and the following one for the 50C and 1B? I recently went through about 500 stamps of this issue to try to find genuine examples, of which there were only a few. First, great thanks to Mr. Moratti for his work — the original in Hall and Fulcher is very hard to understand w/o the illustrations provided here. There are a few errors — it is stated above that the perf is 11, but all catalogs agree that it is 12. This, and the rest are minor. The biggest issue I found was this: Hall and Fulcher worked in 1910 when these stamps were fairly fresh–after another 100 yrs of fading, the 25C is very hard to read. I was unable to exclude quite a few of the 25C as fakes, though many likely were F3. Also, quite a few more cancels have appeared on the fakes over time, so they are not, by themselves, very helpful until one builds up a library of fake cancels. As stated, the F2 fake is much less common than F1 and F3, but the distribution of fakes amongst the 5 stamps is not uniform. I did not find F2 in the 10c or the 1B. Finally, some of the transfers of F3 seem much less common than others, but a lot of that likely has to do with how hard they are to see. I’m glad I went through the effort to sort out the fakes, but I can see why many specialists would turn away in disgust! Again, thanks to Mr. Moratti.

  2. Gregory Todd AIEP says:

    Dear David, I intend showing my Miranda’s in Birmingham in 2025 – I showed in Stampex and in Rio de Janeiro some time ago. The cancellations are a constant nightmare (surprised Tovar is not mentioned) but I am writing this whilst on holiday in Islas de Margarita in Venezuela and my collection is not to hand. I will forward copies of genuine usages on covers that I have found (with the help of the late John Fosbury and Brian Moorhouse over the years) to the Venezuelan Society and I hope they will publish them on this website.

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